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Why you should choose Xero Accountants over Sage

Sage Accounting Software has been a favourite for years, and in that time it has developed both an extensive customer-base and a solid reputation. But it seems to be weakening with Xero has entering the UK market. Xero software offers a cloud-based accounting solution for small and medium sized businesses and has quickly become a world leader in the online accounting space. It has a powerful combination of features and options that many smaller companies may find extremely helpful.

Below are five reasons why your business should choose JacRox’s Xero Accounting Software rather than Sage:

  1. Cloud-based accounting offers flexibility. There are lots of benefits to having your accounting records in the cloud as opposed to your desktop, with the biggest reason being that you can access the information from anywhere 24 hours a day. Plus if you and your employees are required to travel a lot for your business, or you employ remote workers who would need access to the company’s accounting records, then the Xero cloud accounting solution is a must.
  2. More intuitive user interface (UI). Put simply, Sage’s UI is clunky and confusing when compared to the clean and easy-to-navigate UI for Xero. Xero software has been designed with today’s online users in mind and its features, navigation, and layout are very intuitive and easy on the eyes.
  3. Sage is very expensive. With our JacRox Xero solution, on the other hand, the costs can be as low as £125 per month (excluding VAT) with unlimited users and this includes the cost of Xero software, your annual statutory accounts and the company tax return.
  4. With lots of add-ons to choose from to customise the package for your business. The JacRox Xero solution also offers many useful add-ons, such as book-keeping and many more. There is also an add-on module for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ecommerce, inventory management, payroll, and point of sale reporting, making Xero a truly all-encompassing product for a small company.
  5. Tax and workflow features on the JacRox Xero solution out-perform Sage too. With the JacRox Xero solution, you have the option of syncing your account with your bank account as well as your credit card accounts, a great feature that streamlines the accounting process. Another feature that is strangely missing from Sage is tax reporting. The JacRox Xero solution offers Business Activity Statements, and as well as VAT reporting.

In short, if you are operating a small business in the UK, and you are looking for accounting software, you may want to seriously give the JacRox Xero accounting solution a chance- especially if you are looking for a more comprehensive package of features.

If you’d like to find out more speak to the JacRox team of Xero accounting specialists on 0800 020 9542.

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