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Xero’s reporting software

Manchester Xero Accountants, JacRox is asked all the time if Xero accounting software can run useful reports which are valuable for businesses…. The answer is definitely yes!

By using Xero’s reporting function you can get information on profit & loss, balance sheets and management reports just to name a few. Xero reports also has a budget manager facility which allows you to prepare a comprehensive budget and compare it against actual or selected periods.

Here we have a quick video which shows you how easy the Xero reporting tool is to use and by how using the tool you can create interactive reports online to share with your team.

As experienced Chartered accountants JacRox understands that no two businesses require the same information, that’s why we sit down with clients and identify key performance indicators that each client needs to run the business, and build the dashboard on the reporting center accordingly to show these reports upon client login.

Speak to our Manchester Xero accounting team today to find out how Xero reporting could benefit your company by calling  0800 020 9542 or email

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