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Xero Updates

See below some of the fantastic new updates Xero released during the month of June and so far in July.

7 June 2017
In the new reports, new summarise group options can now be added.

13 June 2017
Check printing improvements (US & Canada) – customisable check styles and MICR encoding.
Bulk update opening tax values for fixed assets (AU).

15 June 2017
Bulk update opening tax values for fixed assets (AU). You can opt in to tax reporting using Xero’s bulk update function. This way at your tax reporting start date you can add opening values.

21 June 2017
View quotes in Xero for iOS.

28 June 2017
New direct feed (AU) – Central West Credit Union.
Archive or restore contacts in Xero for iOS.

29 June 2017
Stripe reconciliation – imported statement lines automatically matched with transactions entered in Xero.

10 July 2017
New direct feeds (AU) – AWA Alliance Bank, Circle Alliance Bank, Cairns Penny, Central Murray Credit Union, HSBC Australia, Select Encompass Credit Union, and Service One Alliance Bank.
Ability to select from a wider range of accounts when disposing and selling fixed assets.

12 July 2017
Xero’s new invoicing (closed release). You can now add and edit new and existing contact details directly in the invoice, then the information is saved to your Xero contacts. You can also add and remove payments.

Any other changes and release update can be found in the help centre.

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