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Xero cloud accounting allows businesses to run smoothly during holiday season

Are you finding it hard to justify taking a holiday because of the amount of work which needs doing?

You are not alone a poll done on behalf of Xero identified that three quarters (76%) of small business owners and entrepreneurs have sacrificed their holidays to ensure the business keeps running smoothly.

The great news is that this could be a thing of the past because of the various cloud based software solutions available, this includes Xero accounting software which has hundreds of add-ons allowing you to make the cloud accounting software bespoke to your business requirements.

Cloud based technologies and the internet now gives small business owners the flexibility to run their business via just a Smartphone.

The apps for your phone are usually very cheap and some are free!

Here is a snapshot of the different apps that could assist you to run your business from the beach!

  1. Xero accounting software allows you to balance the books, pay bills, send both quotes and invoices all from your smartphone. Plus as Xero is cloud based it links directly to your bank account giving you real time figures at the touch of a button.
  2. Google apps allow you to create, edit and store emails, documents, spreadsheets and share with colleagues back in the office using Google collaboration tools.
  3. Skype gives you the ability to speak or video call to both clients and colleagues free using an internet connection.
  4. Hootsuite / Tweet deck will allow you to manage all your social feeds from your phone / tablet, or even schedule updates to go out on a certain days / times.

There are plenty of other apps that will enable you to manage your business from the beach, so don’t miss out on the much needed rest manage your business via the cloud.

Speak to one of our Manchester Xero accounting specialists to find out how our Xero cloud solutions can assist your business, call 0800 020 9542 or email

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