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Xero Accounting Software – How secure is it?

Manchester based accountants, JacRox understand that asking clients to move away from traditional desktop based accounting software to Xero cloud accounting software can sometimes seem daunting to them. That is why we wanted to explain how secure the Xero cloud accounting software actually is.

All data stored on the cloud is protected by a powerful encryption making it one of the securest ways to store financial information, where as on local hard drives any of the following could happen:

  1. Data back-up stops working. We all know computers are complex instruments and when one crashes or the software gets a bug, everything gets a touch scary. Especially when your back-up has failed and you can’t access your financial information.  The great news is all JacRox customers using Xero cloud software get all data stored securely and backed up daily and all without even lifting a finger!
  2. Stolen / lost laptops. Although losing a laptop is inconvenient, with Xero cloud accounting you wouldn’t have the worry about someone being able to access your financial information as all data is stored safely online.
  3. Natural disasters. Do you have back up plans in place in case you have an office fire or flood?  With traditional accounting software it could be weeks/months until you are able to access your accounts or even worse financial information lost. Whereas by using Xero cloud accounting you can keep the financial side of the business running smoothly by using another internet connection.

If you would like to know more about the JacRox Xero accounting solutions and how they could work for you call our Manchester Xero accountants on 0800 020 9542 or email

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