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Writing a business plan

Writing a business plan can seem a complicated and daunting task but most of it really is common sense. Business plans are usually harder to write for a new business than an existing business. Basically they will be based on numbers together with explanations about how these numbers have been achieved.

The written part of the business plan should be kept as short and as precise as possible. If you find it difficult to keep your plan to a minimum then create a summary and place this at the start of the document. All business plans should obviously be professional and neat. Any diagrams or charts you have can be represented as appendices at the back of the document.

Example of what to write in you business plan template
Title page Р This can include the date,  author, name of the company.

Contents page- Basically this is a list of what the business plan includes and what is on each numbered page, helping the reader navigate the document easily.

Introduction page- This can be an introduction of of the plan and terms of reference.

Executive summary page- This page is usually beneficial and is normally no longer than a page long. Including the key points of the whole plan such as conclusions, actions etc.

Main body page- This is the main section of the plan usually this will have headings and different sections. Including things such as, and explanation of the project, the audience, market research and money.

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