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Work Less, Grow More…

Automation has come a long way for small businesses. All the boring things can now be automated allowing you time to do the things you do best; running the business. Here are a just few things which you should be automating:

  1. Blogging and Social Media– Trying to constantly update your social media sites can be a full time job in it’s self, leaving you no time for anything else. Why not try Hootsuite to schedule posts. This way you can spend an hour or two a week to schedule posts. The posts can be scheduled as far into the future as you like, you can even chose a specific time.
  2. Competitor Research– Trying to constantly keep tabs on competitors and news is time consuming. Competitor research is a very important factor to running a successful business, however how many of us actually do it? BuzzSumo is an app which helps you to identify and monitor the top performing website content of your competitors.  You can also set up Google Alerts and get a notification each time their is something to of interest to you which is relevant to the terms or keywords you have inputted.
  3. Design– Again a lot of small businesses neglect the design side of things- perhaps because they think it is out of their budget? Well you should try Design Pickle. This service is affordable for all businesses. It allows you to create a number of different designs for a set monthly fee.
  4. Mileage Logs– When preparing for the tax season, mileage is probably one of the deductions you need to consider. It can be a bit of a nightmare scrambling around for receipts and trying to build up a log of your time spent in the car. To make things a lot easier the simple app MileIQ works in the background of your phone to keep a record of where you have been. You can set work hours to categorise trips and set favourite locations. Meaning you will have a tidy record minimising your workload.
  5. Recruiting– It can be a pain trying to find new employees for certain roles. To speed up the process and help you find exactly what your looking for you could try ZipRecruiter. When posting jobs on here they can be submitted to over 50 different job sites and you can manage applications in one place.

These may all seem like very obvious answers however you will be surprised at how many business owners neglect the principles and then cannot see where they are going wrong.

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