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Why Xero and JacRox are your best option

Why can Xero help
Xero definitely has had an effect on businesses. They aim to lift survival rates and help small businesses thrive. In the UK 97% of Xero customers survive their first year compared to having only 91% success rate when not using Xero, this may only be a small percentage but when taking risks this is a massive step up. Over a 5 year period the pattern becomes a lot clearer as businesses that choose to use Xero are 88% more likely  to be still up and running in comparison to businesses that do not choose to use Xero only have a 41% chance of still running.
Xero saves a lot of time for companies. The automated systems mean that lots of the long winded admin tasks are now out of the way and time can spent on more important things. There’s no point in blaming cash flow for business failure. Cash flow is the business owners responsibility and needs to be managed. Xero will help with this.

Why an accountant is important
Trying to run a small business alone can be hard work. Having a helping hand to brainstorm strategy or get numerous amounts of advice along the way to ensure future stability and viability of your company can be a great help. Even more research has revealed that a third of successful entrepreneurs have reached out for a mentor such as an accountant. Seeking an accountant to bounce ideas off is one of the greatest investments any small business owner can make.

Why choose JacRox
JacRox are ICAEW Members and  Xero accounting specialist. We combine our years of experience with Xero’s cutting edge technology to provide a service to suit all business owners. Did you know that Xero’s software has never been breached, and they’ve never lost any customer data- with JacRox and Xero your finances are in safe hands. You should choose JacRox as your accountant because JacRox is a modern and forward-thinking online proposition designed to make managing your business accounts easy and straightforward.  By partnering with Xero, we have created a solution which takes care of clients accounting needs. Traditional office hours are a thing of the past, meaning with JacRox and Xero you can access your accounting information 24 hours a day.

To find out more speak to a member of our Manchester Xero accounting team call 0800 020 9542 or email


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