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Top 4 benefits of Cloud services including Xero


1. File storage and sharing

Dropbox and Gmail are examples of cloud services which allow staff to work simultaneously on the same
documents.This mean that the boxes of paperwork, staff working from 9-5, any invoices and receipts are all gone.
By allowing people to work on the same document, spreadsheet or photo file has completely sped up the
day-to-day running processes of businesses. It also will allow team members to have more free time so that
they can get on with more important things.

2. Reduced costs

If you have a laptop and internet connect these are pretty much the only things you will need to run a
business these days. With pay-as-you-use software and storage options creates an effective operation.
This also allows many small businesses to compete with large businesses, as they have access to a larger
audience. This is also beneficial to employees as it allows the flexibility for them to be able to work
remotely, which increases motivation and making employees more engaged.

3. Getting paid faster

Accounting apps such as Xero automatically let you import data from your bank accounts, which  saves a lot of
reconciliation time. Quotes can also be turned into invoices quickly, therefore the client will receive
invoices quicker meaning there’s more chance you will be paid online.

4. Scalability

Scaling a small business at a lower cost, is easier to do when working in the cloud. Small businesses can use
the right technology to become more agile.


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