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Three top tips for a fresh start for your business

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

As the doom and gloom of winter finally begins to depart, we are looking ahead to spring. The season of change and new beginnings, spring is the perfect time to revamp your business.

Are things feeling a little tired within your company? Are staff set in old ways? Do you feel there is room for a few changes? If so, read on to find some top tips to overhaul your business in time for the changing season.

Office layout

It’s a foregone conclusion that when employees are comfortable in their work space, they’re happy. Can the staff get a little down in the dumps in the office sometimes? Maybe look into how the office is set up. Open-plan offices where employees can talk openly to one another can promote effective collaboration. It is much easier to seek help and advice, and staff are less inclined to sit in anxious silence over any issues. Another idea would be to establish some ‘break out’ areas in the office. Staff can get some work done away from their desks and the change of scenery can be great for productivity! A nice idea would be to have some comfortable chairs, bean bags etc. liven up the office and hopefully the employees’ moods!

Social media

In this modern age, a company without social media could be considered foolhardy. As spring comes around, establish your social media presence using the ‘big four’ – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The users of these platforms combined number in the billions. Why deprive your business of all that potential clientele? Once your social media presence is established, be sure to maintain it. Make the most of what these platforms can offer! Allow clients to leave reviews, review your own suppliers, reach out to clients and tell them what your business can offer! For more in depth information on how social media can help your business, click here.

Get involved with the cloud

The merits of the cloud are fairly obvious to those who use it already. Nevertheless, for those who don’t, it can be a big and daunting step. Using the cloud, you’re able to work faster, smarter and much more efficiently. However, throwing your business into it doesn’t happen overnight. For instance, be sure to plan carefully, and use the resources accurately and thoroughly. Be savvy about it – start with the clients and staff who will adapt to the cloud the easiest. Develop a system of training everybody up, so by the time you get to the trickier, more set in their ways people, the conversion plan is already well established.

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