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The prospect of businesses trading under new circumstances.

This month, all business owners said that business trading is up 11% from last month.

In addition, 100% of respondents agreed that their businesses would recover to pre-Covid levels of turnover within two years.

The SME Tracker collected data from 12,135 SME clients and the results were quite surprising.


Despite the excitement about their prospects, business owners have continued to complain about the difficulty in obtaining sufficient financing from traditional sources now that government-backed loans are being phased out.

More than 57% of people said it was more difficult to get an overdraft.

Others had trouble qualifying for a commercial mortgage (43 percent), which was up 10% from the previous month.

Even the most basic procedures, such as creating bank accounts, have been made more complex.

This dissatisfaction with the realities of delivering on the potential may have contributed to another troubling set of replies about business owners’ well-being.

More than 22% said they were feeling more agitated and concerned, and 19% said that their mental health had deteriorated.

‘Our survey demonstrates that business owners are still struggling to acquire financial help,’ said Glenn Collins, head of policy at ACCA UK.

‘They’re telling us that old and traditional sources of company funding, such as banks, are falling behind.”

“This makes it impossible for them to accomplish simple things, such as opening bank accounts and obtaining an overdraft.’

‘We would like to see the government engage with financial institutions to increase access to the necessary financing choices to aid recovery, and we will be talking with both parties on this.’

‘Small business owners can see the potential on the horizon and are witnessing the early indicators that commerce can return to normal,’ said Kirsty McGregor, founder of the Corporate Finance Network.

They are, however, concerned about managing the current financial environment, which is giving them anxiety.

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