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Take your business from Startup to Growth

If you expanding your business to the next level or just starting up, here are our key pieces of advice for the next generation of business owners.

  1. Market Research- learning from the experiences of our customers and listening to what they have to say can play a very important role. At the end of the day it is their opinions which will help build your companies reputation up. If you know your customers and competitors you will be able to make better informed business decisions. Things such as joining in on the conversation on social media, keeping a close eye on sales figures, listening to your customers when making sales can all help towards your market research.
  2. Business plan- Using the business plan as your blueprint by setting out what you want to achieve and finding out the steps to take to get there. However some businesses spend far to long in doing so. Our advice would be to create a short plan to get your business up and running and then just get on it with it! Try not to get stuck writing to much detail, the plan should contain enough information and be simply enough for you to just make a start. Targets and milestones are a good way to help monitor your progress.
  3. Business finances- By keeping on top of your businesses finances will mean you have much more time to grow your business. By using JacRox and Xero you are able to access your accounts from anywhere at any time meaning you can stay productive on the move. Xero allows you to get paid faster with mobile invoicing, automatic reminders and online payments.
  4. Website- Make sure you put yourself in your customers shoes when building a website as this is usually the first point of contact which your customers will have. Keeping the websites straight to the point and not overloaded with information will help keep the sites speed fast. If you are selling a product from your website you need to make the purchase method as easy as possible, customers need to be directed to where to they need to go in say only two short steps.
  5.  Employees- Having the right staff on board will help your business grow. Employees specialising in a certain area can add a lot to the business. To attract the best staff for your business you need to create a great working environment and think about how you can benefit the careers of the employees- after all they are part of the tools needed to help you grow your business.

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