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How social media can drive your business

Social Media

Social media is arguably one of the fastest growing and ever changing technologies in use today. An estimated 2.46 billion people use social media across the globe. Therefore, most forward thinking businesses should be jumping on board the social media train. We ourselves use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to provide a valuable platform to advise, inform and even entertain our clients. Some helpful tips to utilise some of the most popular social media platforms are to follow:


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform with more than 1 billion people active on the site worldwide. As younger social media users decamp to ‘trendier’ apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the more mature users are embracing Facebook. Therefore, it is advisable for businesses with an older clientele to focus their energies on Facebook as the preferred social media platform. Most of us 1 billion Facebook users will have seen videos as we’re scrolling through our newsfeed, often with subtitles to enable us to get the message without annoying people on our commute or in a waiting room. This is a great use of Facebook in that it gets information across in an easy, digestible format. Very appealing to a mature audience that may be fed up with jargon!


This is a massively popular social media platform which ensures users obtain information in a compact, concise fashion (280 characters to be precise – recently upped from 140). Twitter offers some great services such as ‘pinned tweets’. This enables you to ‘pin’ a particularly important tweet to the top of your page (details of an event, a deadline). This ensures all users see it as soon as they open your profile. Another cornerstone of Twitter is how it enables users to debate. Get involved in conversation with others in your business’ line of work, ask questions and even reach out to clients.


The massive photo sharing app, popular amongst the young, but spreading to all ages due to its ease of use and room for flair. Instagram should be used to insert links, share fun photos, videos, and the silent ‘boomerangs’. Adding some character to your business’ profile. Instagram has a way of personalising businesses. For instance, you can share staff photos, and reach out to other businesses/potential clients with ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.


The big one in professional social media, LinkedIn is used by a whopping 467 million users. The merits of this platform almost go without saying. It is superb for recruitment and networking and is a fantastic way to get you and your business out there. As with Twitter, it’s also great for making connections with other businesses and clients. It can introduce you to similar businesses with just a few clicks.

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