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Simple Black Friday Marketing Tips

Hear are some mistake to avoid and easy tips for effectively marketing your business for Black Friday.

4 Tips for your small business this Black Friday

1)  Market your Black Friday sales weeks before the day arrives. Black Friday shoppers are planners who are hunting for the best deals, they will most definitely be online before hand planning out where to go and find the best deals.

2) Open your doors early for customers. By having a time sensitive offer such as ‘the first 20 customers will receive 40% off their entire purchase’.

3) Advertise your opening hours as much as you can. This will ensure that your customers know you will be open and means you are accommodating their shopping needs. You can use many channels to generate awareness. Get the word out about what you have to offer. Entice people to add your store to their list of different places to shop- social media is a key example, its cheap and easy to do.

4) It’s holiday season. Make your store fit this theme. Most Black Friday shoppers will be shopping for Christmas presents, decorate, play festive music and even light cinnamon scented candles to set to mood. Not only will this help towards enticing customers in but it will also leave them with a pleasant experience which may even bring them back throughout the year.

Common Black Friday mistakes
There are many different things businesses do wrong on Black Friday. One of the main things is that businesses who are online underestimate their website traffic. Many businesses receive hundreds of complaints on Black Friday about the website crashing, being unable to log on or even the site taking to long to load. This can be and needs to be avoided. By preparing you company site for an increase in traffic can solve this problem. Ask your server or provided if you can upscale your capacity to accommodate more visitors. Another error businesses make on Black Friday is not responding quick enough to customer issues. The consequences of not providing the right level of customer service can mean a loss of customers that day, and may even have an impact of future sales. To solve this you can have certain member of staff solely dedicated to dealing with the online issues, or see if you can have more staff working on Black Friday.

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