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Shops suffer from the fall in Christmas sales

This Christmas Shops saw a drop in sales however this meant bargain hunters benefited from lower prices. According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) the volume of goods sold in shops fell by 1% in December compared to the previous month.

The warmer than usual weather this Christmas has had a great affect on the sales of clothing and footwear. Sales in December fell by 6.2% compared to November sales, this is the largest fall on record, showing that it wasn’t such a good Christmas for retailers.

The total amount spent in the retail industry was down 1.4% in December compared to previous months however this was up 1% on last December. Online sales also suffered this Christmas as they fell by 5.2% compared to November. Despite the decrease again from the previous months the figures in December were still up by 1% for online shopping.

Next, one of the leading retailers posted a drop in there high street sales this Christmas, despite there drop there still remained the winner when comparing percentage of sales. The retailer says ‘disappointing’ sales were caused by the weather and stock shortages. Next also refused to discount any items before Boxing day meaning that even though they missed out on the bargain hunters they protected there profit margins.


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