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Setting your small business goals

Most entrepreneurs and not short of having big ideas and dreams, but sometimes they can fail when putting
them into action.
Sometimes life can get in the way of you achieving your goals.

Here are some tips for setting goals and objectives for your small business;

1) Be realistic when setting goals for your business
When setting your goals you need to be realistic, and think about what you can actually achieve. By
asking your self what resources are available already and what things may you need to buy. By
setting these realistic goals doesn’t mean you can’t aim high. However if you set goals that are unrealistic it
may discourage you meaning you are at a greater risk of giving up all together.

2) Distinguish your long-term goals from your short ones
Most long-term goals should have a timeline of about three to five years. By doing this you are developing a
clear image of what you want to achieve.
Setting a few smaller milestones for yourself will mean that you will feel a lot more motivated as the goal
is much more achievable. A good idea would be to keep track of where you need to be at by the end of each month, this can be done by bookkeeping.

3) When you achieve something, celebrate it !
You must celebrate your success as you go. By choosing some sort of reward for yourself as you
hit the milestones will keep you motivated. If you don’t celebrate then working can become
boring and means you could loose concentration and start making mistakes.

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