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Receipt Bank & Xero

Receipt Bank: turn your receipts into data from Xero.

Receipt bank extracts the information from your invoice or receipts in a speedy and accurate process. The integration with Xero means that all information and data and be sent across to you Xero account.

With Receipt Bank you can;

  1. Manage Expenses. Receipt Bank can handle invoices, receipts, credit notes or remittance statements in any way.
  2. Xero matching- You can automatically match your paid invoices & receipts to your bank feed in Xero, which saves even more time on your bank reconciliation.
  3. Secure storage- All invoices and receipts are stored safely and securely in compliance with the requirements of tax authorities globally.

How It works
Basically Receipt Bank sends information from purchases to Xero. They are either imported as a bill, expense claim or spend money transaction, obviously depending n the type of purchase. You can set up auto-publish rules so that these purchases are sent to Xero automatically, if this isn’t set up you will need to manually publish each purchase to get them into Xero which can be time consuming.

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