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Quoting fees to new clients

There are many frustrations with business owners when trying to figure out what to quote clients.

Here are the five classic mistakes made when quoting fees to new clients;

1) The value of the client is obviously at the forefront of your mind when quoting for them or at least it should be. Some small business owners however only focus on the fee payable, this can drive those loyal longstanding clients to go else where which in the long run can be very costly.

2) When quoting for services you should be explanatory. This way you are making sure there is no confusion and when a client is billed they know exactly what to expect. After all communication is key to running a smooth business.

3) Failing to understand the reason why the client has moved from using one business to another.  This is crucial as if you don’t know what your clients value you are unlikely to make a ‘connection’ and will probably end up making the same mistake as the previous company. Learning from competitor’s  mistakes saves you the time of trial and error and money into running a campaign.

4) Not many business owners identify what there specialty’s are. If you have a niche to your business then you can obviously increase your charges. However if you increase your fees and another company is doing the same as you but for a lower price you will more than likely loose more clients.

5) Assuming that all that matters is price. This isn’t true, most people who are using a businesses services want good quality goods or services.

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