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Out with the Old Software in with Xero Cloud Accounting

Sick of paying for upgrades to your “out of date” accounting software?

You’re not alone, our Manchester Xero accounting team hear all the time about well known accounting packages such as Sage and QuickBooks ending the support and add-on services for various versions of their software, which just 12 months earlier they were all singing about! This then forces customers to spend more and upgrade to the newest version just so that they don’t lose the vital technical support.

So we thought we’d tell you all about the Xero cloud accounting software that we offer customers. The software is completely cloud based meaning that there are no downloads and also gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, and not forgetting all upgrades on Xero accounting software are FREE… Sound good so far?

Well it doesn’t stop there… our JacRox Xero accounting packages* come with FREE email support, and with our experienced Xero accountants behind the scenes you’ll safe in the knowledge that your bookkeeping and accounts are up to the highest standard of accounting. If you’d like to find out more about the JacRox Xero accounting solutions visit

To speak to one of our Manchester Xero accounting team call 0800 020 9742 or email and find out how our Xero solutions can help you manage your finances!

 *excluding the JacRox Bronze package


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