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Increasing your sales this Christmas

For many business owners Christmas time is one of the busiest times of the year. You need to be prepared to meet the increased demand of the holiday sales. Here are just a few tips which you can follow to guide you along the way.

1) Speed up any transactions. Many people at Christmas are in a hurry, by reducing the transaction time you can increase the sales. Contactless payment has improved this a lot, with small transactions under £20 only taking seconds to complete.

2) Keep customers engaged. Using social media you can do this via Twitter or Facebook etc, you can write tweets which are directed to the audience such as ‘Tell us what your favorite gift would be’ or ‘Click here to receive your Christmas discount’ this way you are finding out what the customers needs are. and providing them with with a discount which entices them in to buy from you.

3)Monitor your sales. The goal during the Christmas season is to increase revenue. So by keeping track of your sales will be an easy way to make sure your marketing plan is working effectively. You can also see what may need tweaking during either day to day or even over the long term.

4) Get in the Christmas spirit. Your business should reflect the season. Decorations to let your customers know the Christmas season is here and you are the best business to help the customers find the perfect gifts. Studies have also shown that scents can increase spending by up to 20%!! Cinnamon if often related to Christmas giving a warm welcoming feeling.

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