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House Prices Fall Three months in a row…

Since 2009 it is the first time house prices have fallen three months in a row. Nationwide Building Society said that the prices dropped 0.2% in may, while the annual rate of price growth slowed to 2.1%- the slowest pace for almost four years. They went on to say the market was ‘losing momentum’.

It is however to early to say whether this is a long term trend or whether it is just a blip. Nationwide did say it could be linked to the recent tightening on household budgets caused by the weakening of the pound.

The costs of imported goods has risen as a result prices are rising. Inflation has also taken over wage growth. Even though the pressures on the market are likely to continue, the shortage in housing is likely to support prices.

The UK chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics said that there is expected to be a 2% growth with housing prices this year and then returning to a slowly rising path. However the days of surging house prices driven by sharply rising loan-to-income ratios are gone.

Housing prices

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