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Have you got a disaster plan in place?

JacRox, Manchester based Xero accountants understand that not all SMEs have thought about preparing for potential disasters.

Do you know how your business would manage if you lost power, your networks went down, there was a flood or even worst a fire breaks out?

To assist you we’ve put together a quick list of questions that should help you answer the above question.

  1. What processes do you use within your business?

These could be customer / technical support and even financial processes.

  1. What’s the impact on your business if any of these processes can’t be performed?

This part will help you come up with the businesses critical list to focus  on.

  1. Which resources are required to run the critical processes you’ve identified?

This could be staff/ premises/ IT infrastructure / communications and suppliers.

  1. How can you protect the resources?

This could be using Cloud based services to run IT software that allows staff to access offsite.

Obviously the above are only a snapshot of things you need to consider and we’d hope that you wouldn’t encounter any disasters – but it is better to be safe than sorry. That’s one of the reasons we suggest clients look into using Cloud based Xero accounting software.

Xero accounting software is a secure Cloud based solution that allows you to see real-time financial information on any device that connects to the internet. The Xero software also has the option of adding on other Cloud based solutions to make your solution bespoke to your businesses requirements – there are over 300 add-on’s that range from stock control through to booking engines.

Speak to Manchester Xero accountants, JacRox today on 0800 020 9542 or email, and find out how the Cloud based solution could fit with your business.

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