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Five top tips to help combat the Monday blues

Is it really Monday again? It’s definitely true that the weekends seem to fly by, and Monday creeps up all too soon. Most of us will be familiar with the infamous Monday blues. That down in the dumps feeling that crops up when the alarm rings at the start of the week, and often lasts all day. No matter how much you may love your job, surely the Monday blues affect us all. According to one study, British workers don’t crack our first smile of the day until 11:16! Considering most of us have been at our desks since 09:00 or earlier, that certainly seems a miserable morning. Take a look at our five top tips below to break the cycle of Monday misery.

Plan for the week ahead on Friday

There is little worse than coming into the office on a Monday after a relaxing weekend to a to-do pile so hefty you don’t know where to begin. Attempting to organise said to-do list when you’re already feeling a little tired and glum is a surefire way to put you in a bad mood. Therefore, we recommend organising yourself for the week ahead on Friday. Understandably, most people are switching off on a Friday, dreaming of the weekend, and don’t want to think about the following week. However, if you get yourself sorted on Friday by tying up loose ends, getting as much closed off as you can, and writing yourself an itinerary for the following week – you may feel less overwhelmed come Monday.

Take advantage of the weekend

These days, everyone is so busy, it seems as though we don’t stop. Even when not working, we have a million and one things to do – be it domestic duties, maintaining social lives, it’s hard to find time for ourselves. However, leisure time is very important when beating the Monday blues. Try properly switching off for the weekend, or at least part of it, and take some time for you. Hopefully, you should walk into the office on Monday morning with more of a spring in your step, if your weekend has been relaxed and satisfying.

Get more active

In office roles, the temptation to stay sat at your desk can be hard to resist. You’re comfortable (generally) and the lazier you feel, the lazier you’ll be. Thus, staying sedentary for the majority of the day can increase lethargy and tiredness, and make your Monday mood worse. Get up and away from your desk every once in a while to stretch your legs. Go and speak to that coworker you need a favour from in person rather than emailing them. And if you usually have your lunch at your desk, go for a walk outside and perk yourself up (British weather permitting)!

Organise your work space

Make sure your desk space is clean and tidy! Many people physically cannot work in a cluttered desk space (myself included). Your gloomy Monday mood will only get worse if you have to battle through mountains of detritus just to sit at your desk and turn on your computer. Coming in to sit at a tidy, organised desk will make you feel a lot more prepared for the week ahead. Tidy desk, tidy mind!


As discussed, the average British worker doesn’t crack a smile until 11:16 on a Monday morning. Even if it’s a bit forced at first when you’re tired and grumpy, smiling and acting cheerful will definitely make you feel better than scowling all day. Remember, it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile so really you’re saving your own energy if you crack your face once in a while on a Monday! Mind over matter.

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