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Changes from April 2016

Here are some changes which may affect your planning from April 2016;

  • Pensions- As from April 2016 there will be a reduction in the £40,000 annual pension allowance where income, including pension contributions, exceeds £150,000. The annual allowance will reduce by £1 for every £2 of income in excess of £150,000 down to a minimum or £10,000.
  • Personal savings allowance- A new allowance to remove tax on up to £1,000 of savings income for basic rate taxpayers and up to £500 for higher rate taxpayers will be introduced.
  • Dividend taxation- Dividend tax credit will be abolished and replaced with a £5,000 dividend tax allowance. Dividend income exceeding the annual allowance will be taxed according to an individuals income tax band. Basic rate taxpayers will pay 7.5%, higher rate 32.5% and an additional rate 38.1%.
  • Property- Wear and tear allowance on furnished properties will be replaced with a new relief that will allow residential landlords to deduct the actual costs of replacing furnishing. New rates of stamp duty that are 3% higher then the current bands will be introduced from 1st April 2016 on purchases of additional properties such as buy-to-lets and second homes. Similar changes have been announced to land and buildings transaction tax in Scotland.

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