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Is your business doing its part for social good?

Corporate social responsibility

In this increasingly progressive world, it is becoming more commonplace for businesses to have an awareness of corporate social responsibility. ‘CSR’ is a corporation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being. Fortunately, many businesses are already highly committed to the local community. They address local issues and are conscious of how they can improve the environment. However, it is a sad fact that many businesses have a CSR policy simply to tick boxes.

But, there are things companies can do to maintain CSR. For instance, some businesses give employees a certain number of days per year to work with charity. However, increasingly companies are moving towards using CSR to treat employees fairly, and looking at the ways in which they can positively impact the community.


CSR is rapidly becoming essential in today’s world, legally and morally. Acts have been introduced which require local authorities and public bodies to consider the good that comes from commissioning of services before the procurement begins. Also, the Social Value Policy examines the number of jobs that will be created, how other local businesses will be supported, and if the company pays the living wage. Companies are also being urged to not just consider the needs of themselves and their employees, but everyone who comes into contact with the company in the wider environment. Some companies have struggled with this. But the vital question is, why should companies that fail to consider the needs of their staff be supported?

How can you incorporate social good into your business?

  • Partnerships with charities – Find a cause that staff within your business identify with and reach out to them. Raise awareness of this charity, host fundraising events which raise their profile and yours. All in the name of social good!
  • Encourage staff to volunteer – Some companies allow their employees time off to volunteer for charity. Involving staff in volunteer programs can strengthen workplace relationships and increase loyalty in the business.
  • Take responsibility – Remember to track your progress when maintaining CSR. Don’t let it fall by the wayside by not keeping up to speed. Develop a method to show how your social good efforts are being channelled. Appoint a ‘Social Good Officer’ to ensure standards are not slipping, and your business is continuing to contribute.

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