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Benefits of Xero Accounting Solutions

Many small businesses are now finding that the JacRox Xero accounting solutions are the best way to manage cashflow and finances. So we thought we’d share the top reasons why:

  • Cheaper than employing a Financial Director

We understand that small businesses need to keep costs low and Financial Directors aren’t cheap to employ (even on a consultancy basis). Our JacRox Xero solutions allow businesses to pay a monthly fixed fee for the all accounting services such as Tax returns, end of year accounts and even payroll.

  •  You can access financial information when you want

All business owners know that working 9-5pm isn’t exactly how it works in “real life”, and if you need to access your financial reports and information at the drop of a hat outside of the core working hours it can be difficult using the traditional accounting software. However with Xero cloud accounting software you will have access at any time of the day/night and even abroad!

  • Xero technology allows you to turn numbers into useful reports/information

With the Xero technology you will be able to turn your financial data into useful information. Strengths, weaknesses and the performance of different parts of your business can all be clearly seen.

  • Easy to understand and learn

Xero accounting software has been developed to allow business owners with a non-financial background to be able to use and navigate easily.

In short the Xero accounting software allows you to be in control of your company finances and have a better insight into how you business is performing now, and where you are likely to be in the future.

To get more information about JacRox Xero accounting solutions please contact our Manchester accounting team on 0800 020 9542 or email today.

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