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‘Ask’ Xero and simplify your business

Ask in Xero

You may have heard that before the New Year, Xero introduced a new online service designed to make life easier for their 1,000,000 (and growing) subscribers.

The feature was officially introduced at Xerocon London (attended by some of our very own members of staff). It is now available for all practice users. Xero listened to feedback, and found that getting information from clients can be difficult. In response, they put together Ask in Xero, which provides an integrated solution right within Xero HQ. This enables users to build simple queries which can be sent directly to your clients for responses. To simplify matters even further, the feature allows all users assigned to a client to view and monitor responses – meaning your entire practice has access to the same information. No crossed wires here!

Five simple steps to using queries in the Ask feature:

  • Create the query
  • Add sections and questions
  • Send the query
  • Manage client responses
  • Monitor responses

You can send your query to all clients, even those not on Xero! Make sure you don’t waste any time, and simply copy any queries that have already been created.

In the next section, you can simplify your questions to clients by providing them with selections and tips. Sometimes it is easy to slip into jargon, this section will allow clients the option to make your questions that bit easier to answer.

Set the name, email address and tailor the message to the client before you send. In this instance, Ask allows your internal email system a break, ensuring you manage your workflow effectively. You can also schedule a reminder to follow up on any client query, helping to keep your timekeeping and work in order.

Everyone knows how daunting it can be opening an email and seeing reams of text that you must work through, generally in one sitting, lest you miss some vital component. With Xero Ask, clients don’t have to answer all questions at once and can pause and resume at any time. Even better, responses are automatically saved, so no detail should be lost.

From a business perspective, you can effectively monitor clients’ responses with Ask at just a glance. So no more perusing through seemingly infinite emails to find just the one you need!

As with all things Xero, Ask is constantly progressing, so there is likely to be more developments in this already fantastic feature yet to come!

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