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Advice on starting your own business

Starting a business can bring you all sorts of rewards, but there are no guarantees. You will need to decide which type of business your company is going to be, decide when you want to launch your new business and most importantly you need to boost your start-up knowledge. We offer lots of advice, as we have helped and continue to help lots of different people start there small businesses.

Deciding who you will sell to

When deciding who you will sell to you need to be realistic, you can’t expect your products or services to appeal to everyone. A specific type of person known as your target customer is what you should focus on. You will need to;

  • Weigh up your competitors
  • Get feedback from potential customers
  • Think of a new business idea
  • Decide on location
  • Work out start-up costs and how they will be covered

Choosing your business name
This is one of the most important tasks. By picking the right business name you are able to attract customers. The best way to choose a name is by drawing up a short list of your preferred choices and then testing them out. Once the business name has been chosen you can then;

  • Create your brand
  • Create the business website

Write your business planĀ 
A business plan will allow you to think and write about what your business is. Including which market the business falls in, who are you customers, you short-term and long-term goals.

For more advice or help on this call our Manchester offices to speak to a member of our team on 0800 020 9542 or email



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